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I have been singing for as long as I can remember. In the car along with the radio, in my room making up songs, and even in annual talent shows I had in elementary school. I got my first ukulele for my 15th birthday, and I taught myself how to play it in just a few months. A few years later I got a keyboard which I can play a little bit, and one year for Christmas I got my larger baritone ukulele which is my favorite instrument to play. I occasionally record covers and post them online, and I really enjoy singing for any audience that's willing to listen, especially if I'm singing with Aly!



I have always grown up in musical household. My Dad, Jeff Lines, started and managed a band as well as working as a DJ and performing solo acoustic. This meant he was always practicing and I received my first guitar when I was very young. My Dad taught me how to play when I was around 7. I have always loved to sing, and I picked up a few other instruments throughout the years, such as flute, piano, trumpet, and ukulele. Music has always infatuated me and is truly a gift in my life. I graduated from Saint Anselm College with a double degree in Psychology and Music. Singing/ playing with Gina with hopes of making people happy will forever be my favorite thing to do.



Since 2016, Aly and Gina have been best friends and singing partners. They have done numerous talent shows, performed at open mics, won a musical talent competition, as well as sang at restaurants over the years. Singing together is their favorite thing to do and the excitement of it never gets old.

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